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Slow Cooker Beef Stew

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I decided to make another video featuring some delicious beef stew I made in the slow cooker. Time for all you smoker fanatics to clean out your crock pots and start cooking some home cooked meals inside while the weather outside gets colder. Believe me your family will love having the whole house smell so wonderful all day as this stew cooks.


Please leave your comments, I appreciate all the positive feedback I have been getting from you all. Hope you enjoy it!




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Looks great. I am not a stew or soup guy until the winter so we are getting our crockpot dusted off also.

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Great video!


I absolutely love beef stew.


It's a little hot down here in FL for soups & stews, but in another couple of months the crock pot will be rockin'.


Point to you Sir!



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