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Hi Mountain Hickory Blend jerky

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I just used the Hi Mt seasonings for the first time and all I could say is, not too bad. I used their Hickory Blend. The cure combined with Hickory seasoning gave this jerky a very bacony (is that a word??) hammy flavor.

Jerky was smoked with a 50/50 mix of Hickory and Cherry pellets in the AMNPTS. Temps fluctuated from 120-180 due to the flame going out a few times.

Good but different...I prefer a wet Soy Sauce/Worcestershire base to my jerky. That leads me to ask...has anybody just used the cure packet from Hi Mountain and added to their own recipe?
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Hi Mountain has some great kits for jerky making ! They are just over the mountains from us, so their product is in most stores round here ! I like the cracked pepper & garlic, also the inferno blend is good !

Been a while since I used a kit though !

I have not used the cure packet only, I will though when I use them kits add a bit of cayenne, coarse ground pepper or red pepper flakes ! Only adding around a tsp !

If you use your own recipe, you could always go with cure #1 !
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Looks great xray!
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BTW, your jerky looks tasty ! icon14.gif
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You could use the cure as long as you use it per their directions. But like Justin said, just get some cure #1.
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Thank you guys.

I will get cure #1 for sure. I guess I'll keep the kit together.
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