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Mesquite Smoked Brisket

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Have any of you ever smoked a brisket primarily with mesquite?  I tried this a couple of days ago and wasn't just thrilled.  It had more of a rustic west Texas flavor which I really like on burgers and sometimes on steak.  But for brisket, it seemed to mask the flavor of the meat a little more than I prefer.  It was still good, but I'm thinking I would have like something like hickory better.  Just wondering if any of you have tried this and, if so, how it all turned out.

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I primarily use mesquite for grilling. For brisket, butts, and chicken it's way too strong for my liking.
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Makes sense as, with grilling, the smoke exposure is considerably less.  I like it with burgers or steak when I am shooting for a more rustic west Texas flavor.  But it's really easy to overdo otherwise.  Thanks for your input!

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I like Pecan, Apple or cherry.  I want to try maple...

Your right, Mesquite is strong. 

Better on a shorter smoke.  Briskets are too long for it.  I have had some that were jet black and had bitter after tones

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i like mesquite ok but you can not restrict the smoke dirty smoke will give it a bite but clean smoke will give a nice bold smoke

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