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Crisping smoked wings.

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I smoked 10 pounds of wings this afternoon. Going to cool them and refrigerate them tonight. Plan is to take tailgating tomorrow. Going to lightly dredge them in flour and fry them with propane turkey fryer in the tail gate lot. Question is what temp should a guy fry already cooked and smoked wings? I just want to crisp them up and warm them throughly. Peanut oil is what I have for oil.
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350-375, drop them in and fry long enough for the coating to crisp up.  Do a few naked as well, you'll thank me later!

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My favorite trick I just learned is using Vodka to get crispy chicken skin. When making a breading of any kind It helps the coating stick, but because the alcohol evaporates there is no residual moisture and no alcohol taste. Just like CrankyBuzzard I still prefer naked as well. Following the same concept, try a light dip in vodka, shake off excess and let draw into the skin for a few minutes, then deep fry.:banana_smiley:

Just keep away from cooker flame!

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I usually just crisp my wings on the gasser. I just smoked 20lbs of wings last week.
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I'm with CB the naked ones are awesome!



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Yep I agree, naked is best!
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