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No smoking today but that's ok

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As much as I have enjoyed smoking my wife and I headed to Panama City Beach Florida for some R&R.

Happy smoking y'all!
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That's a great beach!


Been there several times!


Have wonderful vacation!



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I'm smoking today, I'll trade with ya! biggrin.gif

Y'all have fun!
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I'm at work today. I'd trade any of ya that are smoking or on the beach, and I don't even like the beach.

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The way my luck usually runs it would rain the whole time I was there. I've been smoking in the rain most of the day...
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Thanks guys it was beautiful as usual. It's worth the 1 1/2 hour drive, any beach is for that matter!

Looking forward to a simple smoke of some chicken thighs today.
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Sometimes it's nice not having to cook or smoke anything. My family knows that I do a lot of catering events during the summer so at family get togethers they stipulate that I'm not cooking! 

Even though I want to they will have none of it. Smoking food is almost therapy to me and lord knows I need it!:biggrin:

The wife and I are close to turning our business over to our son. We will stay involved but I will have a lot of free time. I will be cooking/smoking nearly everyday I'm sure.

I will continue to do events and book even more in the summer months. Great source of income and a fantastic way to meet new people.

I really should post pics of some of my catering events but I'm always way to busy to worry about the camera.


But on those weekends when I decide I'm not planning on cooking anything I get a few things accomplished around the house. This weekend the smoker stayed cold and I pressure washed the siding on the house and the deck. It needed it more than I was willing to admit but it sure looks nice now, But damn I'm hungry!!:drool

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Looks like a great time, enjoy!
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