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Boneless Beef Short Ribs - two ways

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Friend of mine told me he smoked some boneless beef ribs and how great they came out.


I was at the local butcher and decided to pick some up.  When I took them out of the bag they didn't really look like beef short ribs that I've made in the past.  You know, the ones with the short ribs in them!  :icon_razz:  A little research on this site and others revealed that the ones I got probably weren't carved from the critters rib area.  Some sites suggested they are a better grade of chuck.  Seeing as I'm not a butcher I couldn't tell you if that is true or not.


Some smoking instructions indicate these can be smoked via 3-2-1 method whilst others call for a short smoke at low temps for a short time followed by a searing on the grill.  I've decided to do both to see which comes out best.


Meat:  4.5 lbs of "boneless beef short ribs" - They were sliced by the butcher country pork rib style.  See pictures.


Fired up MES to 215 F.    Fired up A-MAZ-EN pellet smoker with hickory pellets.


Rubbed meat with salt, pepper, powdered garlic, powdered onion.


Placed in smoker.


1:45 hrs in - Temps  around 135 - 140 F - Pulled all as temp a littler higher than expected.


Placed some in foil pack 1 then in fridge for searing later.


Placed remainder in foil pack 2 - added a little white wine and agave nectar - sealed - back in smoker for braising.


4:15 hrs in - Temp kicked up to 275 F - Removed from braising foil pack 2.  Placed back in smoker.


5:00 hrs in - Foil pack 1 removed from fridge.  Meat seared on grill for several minutes.   Braised meat removed from smoker.  


Taste test: Both tasted great.  Braised meat was a bit more tender but not as juicy.  The seared meat was juicy but not quite as tender.


Note:  I also smoked a turkey breast at the same time.


Que view follows......  


Boneless beef short ribs and turkey lurkey breast:


Everything seasoned and ready to go in smoker. Threw in a few

sweet potatos and one regular potato so I didn't have to heat

my kitchen oven up on this 85 degree day:


This is where the magic happens:


Turkey done:


Turkey sliced:




Boneless beef short ribs - Done!  Smoked and seared on the left, 

smoked and braised on the right:


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For off the chart drool factor! Great job!
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Holy moly that's some tasty looking meat right there!drool.gif
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Everything looks delicious!


Love the color on the bird!





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