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8lb beef brisket

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Everything went great the temp stayed at 225 i did inject the brisket night before with beef broth
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Looks delicious!


Nice job!



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Thanks al!
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Looks good... I've been very iffy on buying one of those small briskets, or brisket in general. Always heard it's one of the least forgiving pieces of meats. lol


How long did that take you to cook at 225?  I've seen a few vacuum sealed at my local Stater Bros and I'd love to put one in my smoker or barrel grill. Ive just had a hard time maintaining temp when I grill with charcoal as oppose to just using my propane smoker.


Just bout chicken & beef broth too after always seeing Pit Masters use it in recipes... I like to constantly try new recipes and methods, adding broth is the new one I'm going to try lol

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Ohh it was very yummy but i did a 12 almost 13 hour smoke and it came out beautiful and juicy meat the one thing i didnt get on it was a smoke ring😦 but theres always next time😃 i herd that alot about propane smokers but im a charcoal and wood kinda guy i control the fire well and beef brisket is not a forgiving meat true that but just do it!
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My opinion with injecting Brisket is that it makes it taste like Pot Roast.

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Yes it did. I just herd some do so i tried it and will just stick to my way
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Good Call!! I got a brisket yesterday - 9 pound point - going in tomorrow with my newly installed mailbox attachment

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