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Chicken legs

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This was my first time using my smoker after seasoning it. I started off small with chicken legs and Bar-S mild beef hot links. Smoker is a Kingford charcoal water smoker. It's cheaper then a ECB. I used Charcoal and oak. I brine my chix legs for 24hrs and used Tony's. I got my smoker up to 250 and cooked for 3hrs. The end result was a smokey juicy tasty chicken legs. My links came out a little dry and really did have to much of a smoked taste. My question for you guys is what is a good link to smoke, what temp and how long to cook? Thank you guys for all the info you provide to us newbies.
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Glad to hear chicken came out! Take some pictures next time!

@worktogthr posted a great thread on how best to cook links/sausage:

I think what kind or brand is preference is probably local. If you really want to get into it deep, some guys here post some pretty amazing directions to make your own!

Good luck with the reverse sear!
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Thank you I will look into it. Next weekend when I try smoking some turkey legs I will take pics and put more details.

Thank u for the link.
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Will this work with leg quarters and what is Tony's, a seasoning?  also I assume you made the brine with water?  This will be my second smoke.  Last week I did some smoked salmon and it was delicious.

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