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New to smoking (MES) w/ A-maze

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Hello to all. First time smoking meats. I live in Michigan (USA). I'm getting ready to purchase a 40" (MES) and ordered an A-MAZE pellet smoker box. Also a variety pack of pellets. I really know very little and looking to gain more information about smoking. I have to improve or modify everything I own. So I'm very interested in some of the best mods for the MES. Please fill my mail box with information. Thanks to all and looking forward to chatting and sharing some of the knowledge I gain with my next hobby
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I have used a MES 40 for about 14 months and I also have a Brinkman smoker/grill for my higher temp smokes.


Read the manual for the initial use!!!  

I can't recall how long they tell you to prime the smoker with smoke before you cook anything, but that time they recommend is a minimum. I did it 3 times before I was satisfied that my MES 40 smelled like a smoker should and all "new" smell was gone.  Since you have an AMNPS on the way, load that puppy up and you should be good.  


I also have an AMPS (12-inch tube and 5x8) but often just use chips the way the way the MES was meant to be used.  I think the glass in the door makes the element cycle more than the solid door units resulting in a better smoke with the MES 40 over a MES 30 using the MES chip tray...although I find the chips to be on the weak side of a good smoke flavor at times.  I use my AMPS for when I have to leave for a spell...I do chips if I am relaxing and babysitting my smoker.



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To do it right you need a meat temperature probe and box temperature thermometer. We all smoke by meat internal temperature (IT) and not by time alone.


I currently have this one, and lots of peeps here use the Maverick ET-732 or ET-733 here:


I have a sneaking suspicion my wife is getting me an iGrille2 thermometer for fathers day, I am stoked!


Have fun with your new stuff and show us some pics of your Q!


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