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Brisket For Monday

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Well I just put the Brisket in the MES. Liked what the AMNPS did for my ribs the other day. This should come out just as tasty. Rub was put on the day before. Can't wait.
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Good start!



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looking good, can not wait


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Looks like you've got it going on! How much did that flat weigh? What's your smoker temp? How long to you think it will take? B
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Close to 8 after trimming the fat down some. Just pulled from MES. Letting sit in cooler with towels. Letting it soak up them sweet juices.
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Here's to a great brisket.
Took it to 175 then covered with foil. All I did was just add some apple juice to it then took it to 205.
I let it sit in the cooler for about 1 1/2 hours covered in towels to let it rest and soak up its juices. I brought it in and set on the plate covered still and made an au-juice out of the liguid. That turned out awesome.

Made fried new potatoes with rosemary for the side.

So tender I cut it with my fork. I'm beginning to see why alot of people cover with foil. And continue to go to to the finish temp. When I covered with foil i rook my MES to 240 till it hit the 205 mark. Smoked over all for 15hrs. At just over 12 hrs this is how much of my pellets I used.

I think I did something right with my smoke box. I used the combo pellets that came with my AMNPS when i bought it. Hickory, Maple and cherry blend. Still got alot left in the unit. So for me I am looking over 12 hrs per full unit. Oh it was a good dinner. Worth the wait.
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