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First Canadian Bacon try.

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Hello there,


Following Bearcarvers step-by-step, i attempted my first go at Canadian bacon. My loins have been curing for twelve days, eight pounds total. I pulled them out of cure and gave them a bath.

I cut a piece from the center for cure penetration/fry test.

Pink to the center, good good.

Fry test was perfect. So i seasoned them up with CBP onion and garlic powder and into a 130 degree smoker to form a pellicle. It is already 8pm so it is gonna be a long ride, cannot wait !

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Looking good!drool.gif
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It is now five a.m. here and i pulled everything off the MES at 145 degrees. So i ended up doing one hour at smoker temp of 130, one hour at 150, then added a fully loaded Amnps with hickory and it took seven hours from there to hit 145. I will let it rest while i get some shut eye and slice later and post final thoughts. 

fresh from the smoker.

Sorry about the cell phone pics, will get my camera out one of these days.

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Looks great , can't wait to see the inside!



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All sliced up and ready for sealing, thank you again to Bearcarver, SmokinAl, and everyone else on the forum, whether you know you helped or not, at making my first run a success.I am hooked. Flavor was great smoke was great. Looking forward to different methods along my way.Until next time, thanks again.

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Looks Just Right, Billy!!:drool---------------:points:


Glad you like my Step by Step!!Beer.gif




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