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New to community, newish to smoking

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Hey folks! Glad I found a good meat forum. I've become obsessed. Have a cheap 0 electric smoker from the inlaws but it has done the trick. Couple of ribs down and getting better every time. Trying out some smoked whole chickens today. 1 maple beer can, 1 Cajun.

They are both about 5.5lbs. Should I split the non beer can chicken? Or would it be better to leave it so they finish together? Also times and temp to get a nice crunch on the skin?
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Hey Brad, I did some chicken and ribs a couple weeks ago and the chicken was excellent. I kept the temp in the 260 - 275 range and the skin was crispy. remember to add some paprika to the chicken for some color. Good luck.

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Why not just do 2 beer cans with different spices?


To get crispy skin your smoker temp will need to be 300-325.


Or you can smoke them at 225 & pull them out of the smoker at 150 IT & finish in a 375 degree oven to crisp up the skin.


Good luck & let us know how they turn out!



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