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Beautiful day for a pork butt in Broken Arrow OK!

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Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans, sounded amazing so had to try them!

10 pound pork butt, late start...may be a long day!  Quick pic while putting the beans in.  This is my second attempt, my first came out pretty good a couple weeks ago, hoping this one is even better.  I kept notes for the first so pretty much following them cooking around 250 to an IT of 200-205.  First butt pics below.


Happy Smokin!


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That's some good looking PP!!!!!


Great bark!


Really juicy!


Awesome job!!


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Good looking pork butt ya got there.  Those beans are gonna be killer!

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Looks tasty. Can't go wrong with pork butt and Dutch's Wicked beans. They are tasty!
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Thanks all!


After a late start and 2 teenage boys who thought they would starve to death I pulled it off the smoker at 180 IT and finished in the oven at about 730 last night. I had a little trouble maintaining the temp this time after about 6 hours it dropped to under 200 so I ended up adding more charcoal I started with the chimney starter.  Any tips on how to sustain the temp longer or is that about all I'll get with the WSM 14.5?  I would have like to finished it on the smoker but it honestly was just as good.  It had been on for almost 9 hours.  The beans were so good, I had left out the jalapeno because no one likes spice but me but I think I'll add a little next time.  Pics below,  I think I want to try a brisket next. 

both done on my WSM 14.5



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Great job!


They both look excellent!!



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Can't help with the WSM, but hello from Broken Arrow, OK as well. I'm in Battle Creek. Howdy neighbor.

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Just now seeing this and you knocked it out of the park on that pork butt and beans!     Great job.

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Next time you have a late start, cut it in half and they will cook faster.  And as a bonus you get more bark.

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