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11 lb. Turkey in the MES30

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We've got an abnormally warm weekend going for us in Indyanner,  perfect for some patio smoking!  Had an 11 pound turkey left from last season's sales.


Brined it in modified Slaughterhouse Brine for 24 hours.  (Add'l Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sage)  Quartered it for more smoke, faster cooking - been in about 4 hours so far.


Smoking it to 180*, then into the oven for about 1/2 hr at 325* to finish.


Daughter is visiting for dinner tonight.  She'll get some leftovers, going to cut up the rest and vacuum pack it for freezing.


Good stuff !  :439:


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The turkey looks incredible!


Awesome color!


BUT, I don't think you want to take it to 180 IT, then in the oven at 325 for a 1/2 hour. It will be way over done.


Your looking for a finish temp of 165 in the breast & 175 in the thigh.



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Thanks Al,

I thought better and took it out at 175*. I'm wondering if my digital Paldor thermometer is not as accurate as I thought  The small meat thermometers in the breast amd thighs read 160. Keeping it in a warmed oven, under foil, and then will kick it up to 325* for 1/2 hr when daughter gets here.. 


Smells great!  :drool

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That sounds good!


I gotta say though it sure looks good!


Let us know how it turns out!


Say hi to your daughter from all of us at SMF!



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