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Handheld Thermometers

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My Taylor Weekend Warrior has been a decent thermo, but is slow and at times kind of finicky. I am wanting to get a new thermometer and was looking for insight. I know the thermo pens are the best, but I'm not dropping that kind of coin on a thermometer. I am considering the Lava Tools Javelin / thermowand which is a knock off of the thermopen, the Thermoworks Thermopop, the Thermoworks super fast pocket thermometer RT600c any others you all may know of. What does everyone think?
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I have had my Lava tool therm for 2 years now and it has performed flawlessly. I even left it out in the rain once uncovered and no issues. You can't beat it for the price, $25 on Amazon. I don't consider Thermapen the best, if it was it'd be priced lower than it is!

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Great to hear. I read reviews on the lava tools and the only negatives I've really found are the lack of a backlight and a shorter probe. Have you had any problems with the shorter probe, or is it not a big deal?
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I've got both the lavaworks and a thermopen. Both equal. Except the price. Got my thermopen on sale though. Shorter probe is no big deal to me.
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Right now I can get the thermopen for $63, the javelin for $18 and the Thermopop for $21. Wondering what to do, think $18 Lavatools with free shipping may be the way to go.
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Here's how the length of the probe compares to my iGrill probes. I've never had a problem with the probe length.
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Awesome! Thanks for the input. I'm going to order one for $18 and free shipping, don't think I can really go wrong at that price. Just want something faster than my Taylor which takes 10-12 seconds and at times goes all goofy with cutting off / on and switching to celceius after it's been used on Fahrenheit. I think the thermopen price is great at the moment but will take the additional savings and apply to something else right now. I
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The savings are for meat to put in the smoker!!! That's what I did when I bought mine. I bought a bunch of Tri tip!
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