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Gobble Gobble 1st & Pics

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Smoking my 1st turkey today. It's 20lbs. After going through a couple of threads here I did decide to try the spatchcock method. It was a lot easier than anticipated. Used the Webber Beer Can Chicken rub, & the Tony Cacheres Creole Butter & injected as well as basted the outside. Going to use apple chunks in the Smoke Vault 24. Also put neck & backbone in a drip pan with water to use later with gravy .

So far so good. Breast was 165° & thigh was 175°. It took around 5 hours 230°-240°. Outside temp was a chilly 2° probably slowed down cook time a bit.

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DDB, Nice job on the turkey !!!!!!!

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The turkey looks awesome. I love to see pics of you guys running your smokers with snow on the ground!



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I see a major flaw with this smoke. I was not invited.


Point for a great turkey.



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