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Getting RIBS ready for tomorrow

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All the ingredients needed to make a kick a$$ RIBS. Dyed the meat and ready for the mustard.


Mustard put on both sides along with pulling the skin off the back




Rub on both sides and in the frig for the night and tomorrow a long cooking time.

this is the furst time on my Bradley smoker what would you think the temp should be?

I have seen people say 230 with 21/2 hours than 21/@ hours in Foil with apple juice than

another hour out of the foil. What would you do to make them fall off the bone GOOD?


Also I would like to smoke some Baked Beans anyone have a good one to share?


See some of my videos @

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Looks like a good start! All kinds of recipes on here, just use the search box. Good luck.



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Welcome from SC. It looks like you're off to a pretty good start. Those look like some great ribs.

Good luck with your smoke. Don't forget to post some pics. Joe
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A very pretty rack o ribs Tom.  Keep us posted on the smoke. 

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Thanks Everyone for the comments I also added for my sister a pork Tender Loin and some Baked Beans





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Everything looks great so far!



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Forgot to take photos but here is a video

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Looking Good,  Must be something in the air, I'm doing St. Louis and Beans today  Just kind of a Rib Day


Keep posting those great looking pictures



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Got my drool going big time.

So much so, got 2 racks of baby backs sucking up some sugar maple smoke as I type.

Gawd but I love that AMNPS in my mailbox......

And looking at others tasty looking goodies..

Happy Smoking

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