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New and looking to start my winter project!

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Hi all, I am as new as it comes but found this site and love how helpful everyone is!  I think I have an idea on my design/build but would love some input on it from the pros on here.  I love my local BBQ (BTs smokehouse) and would love to do some on my own!


I have a large back yard so I wanted to build a larger smoker out of wood with a cinderblock base and separate firebox from a 55gal  drum cut in half maybe.  I saw a design on here (pic below) that I liked but had a few questions.  


When using a separate firebox is this always considered a cold smoker and how hot can I get the smokehouse with this type of setup?  I love the idea of having a separate firebox to manage. 


Does anyone suggest insulating a smokehouse of this size? Mine will be about 4'x4'x5' lwh  and I do live in mass and would love to be able to use it in the winter but maybe its just another failed dream.  


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.










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Welcome to SMF! There are a bunch of builders on here. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.



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