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new to the forum and first smoker

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Hey all just got my first smoker as a gift for Christmas from the girlfriend and my sister! They got me a Bradley 4 rack so on the weekend I'm going to be giving it the maiden voyage with some ribs or maybe a prime rib if I can find a nice one, I'm from Ontario and most of my smoking will be done in my garage (uninsulated) should I expect a bit of trouble keeping it at a decent temp around 200 during the winter?

Anyway looking forward to learning and eating some delicious food in my near future!
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Welcome to SMF Leaf4!  Glad you are here with the new Christmas gift and ready to put it to good use.  There are a lot of folks here with the Bradley that can give you some great advice.  If you ever feel like you need some insulation, just pick up a cheap welder's blanket to wrap around it.  Works like a charm. 


Have fun!



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