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Pork Summer Sausage

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Just getting into making summer sausage, brots, breakfast sausage and such. My question is: Can I get into trouble making summer sausage and such by just using pork butt? Most all recipes I've seen call for a mixture of mostly beef and about 20% pork. We've make several batches and they all taste great but still not sure if we're doing it the right way.

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You can but it will be more like a pork roll.. Still good IMHO

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

You can but it will be more like a pork roll.. Still good IMHO

Yep, tasty as heck, but not the SS flavor you're used to, if you're used to beef SS.


When SS first came into play, it was a much different sausage than we are used to today.  It was made in the winter at slaughter time, using a lot of the left over meats.  It would then be hung until summer rolled around and then fed to folks working in the fieds etc...


Also, when using mostly pork butt, your end result will be much higher in fat.

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We do competition BBQ and therefore end up with quite a bit of pork trimmings. The last batch of SS I made was 2/3 pork to 1/3 venison, using Hi Mountain seasonings and it came out GREAT! I probably had a higher fat content than I really needed but the mouth feel is just barely on the greasy side, not enough to keep people from devouring it.
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