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i have been waiting to see if anyone from the Seattle area would mention this little place called "The Pig Iron". everyone raves about it. personally it is not bad for a west coast BBQ joint But (Not Our "Q" I have been told) . However they have a mustard sauce that is Outstanding.


trying to find a good BBQ here in the NW is like trying to find a good pastrami sandwich as in the upper east coast. you know the sandwich Great Pastrami 85/15 ratio thin lean meat to bread......unlike west coast that version 15/85 th_dunno-1[1].gif Just Saying except one place i found up in Bellview WA in a shopping center no less...yet i digress from the post sorry


this is why most of us stay near the smoker turning out great eats for family and friends.....if your not convinced check out all the posts on this Great Forum.


Thanks for letting me Rant and Rave,

Keep On Smokin,



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Originally Posted by ibbones View Post

I'll take City Market over Kreuz any day.

Yeah, they are good too neck and neck.

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I live in the Philly area so I have a couple of favorites. 


Brisket..hands down Lepore BBQ in Willow'll make you smack yo mama it's so good!

Ribs..Dwights BBQ on Broad St and Uptown BBQ in West Oak Lane areas.

Chicken; Dwights and Tymekas in Germantown. Delicious!

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The Prized Pig in Niles, MI- excellent brisket, ribs looked really good but I didn't order any, several outstanding sides. Well worth the trip if you are in the area.


Not much in Maine, there are two in Portland but only Buck's Naked BBQ is worth the trip- chicken is very good, I liked the hot sausage. The best thing on the menu are the burned ends, not anything like what you are used to, they are served dry and crispy(Buck's does not sauce anything-hence the name Buck's Naked BBQ) served with an very good horseradish sauce. Stay away from the ribs, underdone and tough.

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My two favorites are:
1. City Market in Luling, TX &
2. Heavy's in Hondo, TX
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