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Trashcan turkey.

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Tried this on thanksgiving. Easy to set up. Took about 1hr 40min to cook however I left it in two hours or until the coals looked like they were used up. Well I held it in too long doing that and the bird split in half. It was brined in a cranberry ocean spray juice and seasoning for 12 hours. 20lbs of charcoal. Next time I will use a turkey stand like the chicken stands for the grill. Start your coals prior to placing the bird on the stake. Also if using s new can burn off the metal first.

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Welcome to the group!  My first attempt at turkey split in half too!  It was done in less than two hours and I was expecting a very long smoke.  Checked on it at about 2.5 hour in and it was too late. I do turkeys that are around 12 lbs and check at 2 hrs now.  



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