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GRILLED chuck roast help

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I am wanting to grill and chuck roast to med rare.  Am I going to be disappointed??  Will it be too tough?  It's my beef, which for the most part is tender, corn fed beef.  I have read about several marinades consisting of red wine vinegar, ketchup, soy sauce, worchestersire, etc. and marinate for 6 hours.  Thoughts?  Should I cook hot and fast to med rare, or set it off to the side and cook it for a couple hours?  Don't really have time to fire up the smoker tomorrow so looking at grilling.  This is for dinner tomorrow night.  Thanks!

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Even though your beef is "for the most part tender", the chuck roast will still be tough if cooked as you describe. You could pressure cook it and be done quickly and have a super tender roast.
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