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What a site

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Wasn't sure where to post general info. but I am amazed at the helpfulness of members on this site. Being new and asking basic questions, I get detailed answers, and when I look at other members post, the detailed answers they get just give me more tips and info.

So glad I found this site.:yahoo:

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We are glad you found us also.
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Welcome from another newbie. Use the search bar when you can. Just start digging and you'll find the info gets really deep and you will trip across answers to questions you didn't think to ask.

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Yeah, this is a great site. Lots of help and good tips for us noobs!

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Originally Posted by gwschenk View Post

Yeah, this is a great site. Lots of help and good tips for us noobs!


Heck, I'm an long time smoker and I get lots of good tips here. I've opened up to trying things that I've never done before with the help I get here. That's part of being a good pit master, constantly refining and expanding.

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Welcome to your new addiction. It is habit forming for sure, but not bad for ya. These ol boys and gals on here have a bunch of knowledge and I learn or share something myself several times a week. We are all kind of like family here, with a common passion with respect for others in what we do.




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