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Smoked Beans Question

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Quick question for those who've done this before...I decided for the first time to put some beans in an aluminum tray beneath a pork butt today. The butt is taking longer than expected and the beans burned around the edges and dried out.

Question is, any advice to prevent this next time? I don't want to keep opening the smoker to stir and/or add water or beer all the time.

Any advice or tactic is much appreciated!

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Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans are a favorite around here.  Just use the search feature.  At 225-250F they only need to be in the smoker 2 1/2-3 hours.  If the smoker is running 350F then just an hour.   


I have another recipe I made up using Dutch's recipe as inspiration, one that uses no sugar.  Same temp and time guidelines.   

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I like Dutches Baked Bean Recipe, but also have been using Gary's baked beans with a lot of happy people too! Noboundaries already summed it up. It sounds like you left them in too long is all. I use an offset smoker so I have to make sure beans are away from firebox. That's about all I can give! Look up those recipes, they work great! Good luck!
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In addition to the previous assessments, which are spot on, make sure your beans start off with enough liquid in the mix. A stove top recipe may be a little dry because of the longer, open pan cook.

Below is a link to a bourbon,bacon bean recipe I've posted

Good luck
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Thanks everyone!


I think I simply put them on too early and didn't check 'em...they dried out and burned. Oh well, live and learn.


Next time I will heed everyone's advice.

Thanks again!

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