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Bacon help, advice.

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Ordered 2 bellies today. Should be around 25 lbs or so. I'm going to freeze one, as this will be my first stab at bacon, and my first smoke other than ribs and chicken and snacky foods.

I'm going to be cold smoking using a masterbuilt cabinet smoker with AMNPS. Struggling between GMG gold blend or apple pellets. Opinions? Although I do have the option of using my GMG, but the lowest temp I can get is 175*

Due to lack of fridge space, I plan on dry curing. I've read using instacure #1 will result in "hammy" tasting bacon, while tender quick results in a more traditional tasting bacon. True?

Just trying to get my plan set before I pick the bellies up next week.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Okay, just my opinion, but I would not use TQ on pork belly unless you like your bacon very salty. Go with instacure #1 and measure very carefully. 1 level teaspoon per 5 lbs of meat. This way you can control how much salt goes into it, and add any other flavors you like. Wood is personal preference.


Nix the BGE idea, too. 175° is pretty hot to smoke bacon. Bearcarver has an excellent tutorial here:

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Personally I like the TQ Dry cured Bacon Best, but I don't think it's Instacure that makes it more "Hammy"---I think that's from Wet Brine Curing.

If You use TQ properly it won't be too salty.

Below is my favorite Step by Step, using TQ:





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I am with Bearcarver on the TQ dry rub method. My preference is the dry cure also. My bacon has never been too salty. Follow the directions exactly, and I rinse the bellies off after curing, I have never soaked them just rinsed and dried off good. I have found that the wet brine method, although is work equally well, when you cook the bacon there is going to be a lot of water cooking off and spattering along with some shrinkage.

All I can say is use the method that produces the results you like. You will be happy either way because you did it yourself and it is not store bought bacon.



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Bear, 490 beet ya to it. He posted your link. Lol.
Seeing ill have 3 peices, mabe ill try 1 with TQ, and the others with #1.

I'll definatly have to cold smoke them, as i removed the burner on my masterbuilt to fit the AMNPS. Even if i had it in there, i doubt i could get the temp down to 125* without frequant flame blowouts. And as i mentioned, my pellet grill wont go low enough.

Thanks for the links guys..
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