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Smoking a Turkey.

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Last Thanksgiving I brined and smoked a 21 pounder for my parents and they said it was the best they ever had. So tomorrow I will smoke one with Apple wood after brining 16 hours.

Brine recipe:

Cold water

Kosher salt

minced garlic

quartered onion


chicken seasoning 




I will Q-View with the rest

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Use the EZ Rider double wide heavy duty papers! Or it will drip thru!  Sorry don't know where that came from!


I love apple with turkey I have done hickory apple a lot, but a while back I did turkey drums with all apple and it was the best! It has a light amber color and the smoke is so delicate, its an awesome choice with fowl.


Look at 13 of 18 is that a beautiful color?

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Should be tasty! Apple used to be my go to for turkey, now I mix in some cherry or pecan just for fun!
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