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Baby backs!!!!

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Got the ribs all rubbed up abd ready for the smoker tomorrow! Ill post pics and let everyone know how they turned out.. Only my 2nd time smoking ribs...
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Awesome... what smoker, rub, temp & ya doing them foil or no foil ?
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Electric smoker, using Apple wood. I used a combo of rubs and brown sugar...I'm glad u asked about th foil, the 1st time I used the 3-2-1 method..should I try with our without? The wife and kids prefer the f-o-b ribs.. but I just am after the best I can get!!
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That all sounds awesome man... Now I'm not a foiling guy, but if your doing a rack or two... Maybe do one with & one without foil ! I like a little bite, tug off the bone personally... But if you like em that way per say, try one not foiled, then foil the other rack and just see... The best way to have Q is what you & your fam likes !
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Water, that's a great idea!!! I think I will keep one unfoiled for me and see the difference. I'm cooking at 225. Also, I think I'll do an Apple cherry combo!
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Cool, let us know how it all turns out !
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Oh you will love the not foiled ones at that temp if your brown sugar holds. I did some not wrapped and didn't sauce it because it self glazed it. Best luck! Remember the qview!
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Sounds like a plan. Will be waintng for the Q view. 

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I am just putting the ribs on as well. Thinking of foiling two and no foil on the others.

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For Babyback I use 2-2-1  start out bone side down and I spray with apple juice every 30 or so minutes then I foil them I use squeeze butter, then squirt on some honey and sprinkle brown sugar (dark if you have it) then put meat side down, after 2 hours unfoil and for the last hour back on the grill bone side down BBQ mops them makes wonderful FOB ribs.

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Here they are!! Did the 2-2-1 ill let u know how they taste!!!
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Did you leave your rack out of the foil? Those look good! Nice pulled back from bone. These weren't spares? Bones look alot wider than the baby backs I usually get.
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We iust finished up our ribs today. Went ahead and wanted to test jut doing the run only. 6 hr 30 mins at 225 - 240. No foil or sauce.

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I foiled all but one rack.. those are baby backs with some loin meat!! Found them at Sam's for 3.98 lb!!! Getting ready to eat now!!
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Omg!!! They were WONDERFUL!! Thanks everyone for your help!!!
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Awesome ! icon14.gif
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How did they taste smokeboat??
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They came out great. All were tender (one slab fell apart when moving it) and had good moisture. The rub worked well (Memphis Dust). I was just my wife and young daughter for this one. If I had a group over, I would eithe sauce and foil them since most like them fotb. The edges on the ones on the bottom rack were a bit more crisp.
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