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4th of July Brisket (USA)

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I'm doing a point, about 8 lb, for the 4th. This will be my first. It's all trimmed up, rubbed and in the fridge. I'm actually doing it Friday, the day before. I have all day, so no foil for me. I plan to take off at 195 and let rest for 30 min before going in the fridge overnight. The day of, it's going in the oven with beef broth for about an hour or two at 300.

Will be back with some Q-View. Happy smoking everyone.

Update #1
Been holding at 220-230 since about 8am (130pm now) and we're at 151 IT. The stall should be coming soon. Will update again when it's done.
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Let us know how it turns out.

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Updated and pics added.
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15 hours later. Sitting on the counter double wrapped in foil for an hour then to the fridge til tomorrow. Can't wait to dig in.

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It looks good!  How did it taste?

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Here's the slice the next day. I think it might've been a tad on the dry side but still had a good flavor. Next time I will leave the whole fat cap on, still facing down though. Live and learn.

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Sliced you can see how nice that bark is.  Brisket aren't easy to cook, but they do get better with practice.

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