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Jeff's Honey BBQ Smoked Wings

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Needed some food for today's fishing trip so yesterday not only did I smoke some Salmon but decided to do one of Jeff's chicken recipes.

Lathered some wings with some olive oil and then dusted them with some of Jeff's rub or any of your favorite rub. Into a large ziplok and sat in the fridge for two hours

Then I poured a buttermilk and kosher salt mixture over the wings and back into the fridge for another couple hours.

Out of the fridge they came, dusted them again with more rub and into the gasser they went.

Once they got to 165+ I turned on our kitchen stove's oven to broil. I then put them into a large flat pan,
coated the wings with a mixture of honey and favorite BBQ sauce. Broiled first side until it starts to bubble which will be about 2 minutes. Flip the wings over and coat the 2nd side with the honey BBQ sauce mixture. Broil for another couple minutes. Do NOT let the honey burn. Watch it carefully.

Belch !!

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I saw these a while back.  They look amazing.

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C, those are some awesome looking wings !!!!

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Would you care to share?
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I added more detail to the original post.

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made them also and they turned out great!!
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They sure do look delicious!

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