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Spare Ribs in a UDS.

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Just finished smoking some St. Louis cut spare ribs. Pretty much followed the 3-2-1 method to the letter. Smoker was set between 235-255 spending most of it's time at 250. There was a 20 minute period where temps were in the 270 range, but if you have a UDS you know temps can spike if you mess around with the top off. Seasoning was a light coat of Adobo all-purpose and rub was Stubbs pork version. During the foiling I added a couple slabs of butter, brown sugar and honey to both sides. Then I glazed with Sweet Baby Ray's during the final hour. Turned out pretty good I think.


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Tasty looking ribs! Nice smoke!
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Awesome looking ribs!  Nicely done! b

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Yup. Looks great
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I like them. Look great from here. Good job.

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I appreciate it fellas!

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