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Advice for newbie

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I am looking to make the transition to a pellet grill. My budget is about $1k. I have been researching the various options and quite honestly not sure which direction to go. I will be cooking for a family of 5 with occasional larger crowds.

I have been looking online at the GMG Jim Bowie, I like the look of the Rec Tec, and Yoder. Are there others I should be looking at?

I am hoping to get some advice to help me narrow my search. Thanks in advance for your expertise!
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I can only recommend the rec tec.I've have one and it is a really good smoker.I'm sure there will be some other comments on different ones as well
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With over 100+ models (probably close to 200) of pellet grills out there, it's hard to decide. There are lots of factors to consider. There's a form on the pelletheads forum where you can fill out your criteria which will help you narrow it down - a little.

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Thanks! Do you know where on the pellet heads site the form is located? I looked around a little and could not locate it.
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Try this link:

There may be others but it's a good starting point.

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