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Brisket Help

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my brisket got done way faster then expected. I pulled it at 195* at 730 this morning and we are planning on eating around 4 tonight. I was hoping it would take until at least noon today. I have it wrapped in towels and in a small cooler. Should it stay hot for dinner tonight and if not what can I do to reheat it?help.gif
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Till someone more experienced comes along I'll jump in.  I don't think it will stay hot that long (8+ hrs?) just being wrapped in towels and sitting in a cooler.  Guessing it is wrapped in foil too, when it starts to cool off I would put it in the oven on low.  Only danger in the oven for hours should be drying out, so make sure there is some juice in there, if not add some. 

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Was it probe tender when you pulled it? I often need them to get just north of 200 before they are done, 103-205. I have kept a brisket foiled and toweled in a cooler for 6 hours, removed, sliced and took a walk with it at a comp. You mainly have to worry about keeping it above 150 so bad stuff doesn't start growing on it and get someone sick.
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Howdy Bison.

Keep it wrapped and depending on the quality cooler you have it will probably still be warm. However if it is not you'd want to reheat in the oven at 150 degrees.  Warm it wrapped in foil with its juices and DO NOT slice it beforehand to prevent it from drying out. 


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