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First Ham

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Wanted to try cooking a ham on my WSM.
Bought a piece of wet cured ham from makro and I've forgotten how much it weighed, but a good size piece.

I took the rind off, scored the fat cap, and then soaked it in fresh water in the fridge for 36 hours to leach a bit of salt out.
Gave it a coating of mustard and it went in to the WSM at about 250° at half 10 this morning. Smoke from some chunks of blackthorn. Not a 'traditional' wood, but I have access to a fair bit of it round here, and its a fruit wood of a kind so... Worth trying.

After about 3-1/2 or 4 hours the IT was at 140°. I gave it a coating of demerara Brown sugar and sprayed with Apple juice to help melt it, then left it for another hour.
Final IT was 160°. Took it out and rested it before carving some for lunch.
Juicy? Hell yeah!
Still had a bit of mustard bite beneath the sugar crust and a mild smoke. Will be doing something like this again.
Anyone got any thoughts or ideas about the process I followed?
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Looks like a tasty piece of meat to me!

Smokin Monkey
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Looks like it turned out great! I love the idea of the mustard rub to start. Goes great with ham, IMO. Great job, thanks for posting!

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Looks tasty. Make up a glaze with some apricot or peach preserves, siracha, garlic, pineapple juice, mustard, ginger. Slather that on a few times the last couple hours or so.
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Your Ham looks Great, Spot !!!Thumbs Up


Mighty Tasty!!:drool


Below is how I Double Smoke a Cheap Store Bought Ham. If there's any tips you like in there, you're welcome to them:





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Looks terrific and I love Bear's double smoked ham. I make it all the time.



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