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Sorry about the title; couldn't resist. 


I've got this itch to do some smoked egg stuff: smoked deviled eggs, smoked Scotch eggs, smoked Scotch eggs made with scrapple (Pennsylvania Dutch eggs), smoked pickled eggs...


But there seems to be difference of opinion on how to best smoke the eggs: raw, hard-boiled in-shell, soft-boiled in-shell, hard-boiled peeled, hard-boiled peeled and halved. So...I'm experimenting. Today's first run, done over a pork loin I'm doing for dinner was four raw eggs. I set the Smokin Tex for 225°, set the timer for 2 hours, and let her go. Here's what I got after two hours (the loin's still going, it's at 140°).



I plucked them off the rack and put them in an ice water bath.




Shell cracked off easily, and the white has just a little bit of yellow mottling to it. There's a slight smoky aroma, and a very subtle smoky flavor, but nothing worth two hours in the smoker. However, it's delicious; as good as the best hard-boiled egg I've ever had (some of this is because I used free-range eggs from Rick's Eggs in Harrow, PA, which are noticeably better than store-bought eggs, and only about 25 cents more a dozen). 

Next up: hard-boiled in-shell, shelled, and halved.

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By the way, the pork loin came out pretty nice too!


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I love watching eggsperiments! Will stay tuned,nice loin as well!
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Pterodactyl eggs are what those are called! You'll find that the hard boiled eggs cold smoked will give you more smoke flavor.
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Very interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
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