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Jeffs rub...

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just ain't cutting it anymore. Made a Tri Tip today. Was tender & juicy but was just sorta flat tasting. Boss made mention of it needing more zing. Suppose I could just tweak Jeffs rub with some of the ground Chiles on the counter....

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I find that fresh cracked black pepper does alot for it. Also add a tad more pepper or some red pepper flake for beef and it sets it off.
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Jeffs rub is good the way it is and is easy to adapt to what you want.
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I use Jeffs rub almost all the time. Sometimes I tweak it depending on what I'm smoking or who I'm serving it to. I often add extra salt as my wife and I are sodium junkies! And if it's just the 2 of us, I usually amp up the cayenne, we love the heat! It's a great rub and tweaks very well! Good luck on your search, David.
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