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First sausage-stuffed turkey (and first post)

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I tried my first deboned, stuffed turkey this weekend.  I started with a 12-pound bird and spent about 40 minutes on the careful deboning process (my first time). 




Then I dropped it into a garlic and pepper brine for 24 hours.




I gave it a blanket of local Graziano Italian sausage.




Then rolled it and tied it with butcher's string. (you can see a spot where the wing broke the skin, it didn't seem to matter)




I decided to try this without a rub, to see if the skin would get crispy. I have an electric Smoke Hollow smoker.  I used hickory and gave it a full 4 hours of smoke and took it to 165 internal.  I wrapped it in foil and towels and gave it a half hour nap in a cooler before this:




I've been running this smoker for a couple of years, and had some success with ribs, chicken and a couple of butts.  But this was the best turkey I have ever tasted. Perfectly juicy on the inside with a surprisingly crispy, smokey skin. The spicy sausage inside is a great bonus.  The bird seems to take all the smoke you want to give it.


I'm really proud of how this one turned out and I'm thinking about trying a turducken with sausage next!


I forgot two things.  I forgot to take a couple more pics after I sliced it, and I forgot all about the legs still sitting in the fridge. Those might end up in the fryer.

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Iowa nice job on the smoke,stop by roll call and let us know a little about you. Smoker type etc. etc.woops my bad smoke hollow

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