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diy stand for mes

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if this is in the wrong place mod please move. well after a trip to homedepot and some help from the wife we came up with this cart/stand for the new mes 30. it still needs a top shelf and paint and poly but i think it will serve well.had to season the smoker today for some ribs and sausage tomorrow. wife also wants smoked mac/cheese. so now to season the ribs and let them sit till morning.oh yea gotta get my tool out of the den too.

let me know what you guys/gals think, thanks

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Looks good. Getting the MES elevated is a must otherwise it makes loading and unloading a pain.
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That looks great. Sturdy and well built. Your back will thank you. Good job!
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yep had to get it up as i sit in a chair, but thankyou guys

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