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Nice App or side dish

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I have been eating the heck out of these Mini Sweet Peppers I have found in the store lately, so of course I had to play with my food.


Did the first batch in conventional oven, liked them so this batch hit the smoke.


Topped them cleaned what rib and seed left. Stuffed w/ a mixture of Queso Fresco, fine grated (as in micro plane) Parm chees, Taco Seasoning and a touch of Chipotle Powder (because if your tongue ain't sweating you ain't getting, ALL the flavor)



Two hours at 250 w/ a double dose of Hickory bark and


They may not be pretty, but damn they taste good if you like roasted peppers.


Going to have them as a side with a Chili made from pulled smoked pork butt, and a nice Ranger IPA.


Y'all have a good evening!

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Nice job on the tiny peppers, we do them like poppers here. Thanks for sharing

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