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mav 733

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After receiving my mav 733 and testing the Temps of my MES 30. I found that when set for Temps over 225 the factory therm is off by about 25.. when set for 210 it's spot on. But between 210 and 225 it's kind of a dead zone.
Glad I bought this product.
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Now for a Thermapen and a Time Stick...

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

Now for a Thermapen and a Time Stick...
I've been looking into the thermapen.
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My 30" MES is about 11* low with my 733.  I need to set the temp to 214* and it checks out about 225 after the temps settle out.  If I crank up the temp to 275* and check back in an hour the Mavrick will show in the high 280's. 

It's just a matter of time to get to know your smoker.

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