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First whole brisket

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I am smoking 2 briskets tonight.  1 flat to be sold to some friends. 1 whole , my first.  I am curious as to how the point cooks in relation to the flat.  I am assuming that I will be monitoring temp in the point to determine doneness, as it is much thicker.  Will the flat over cook trying to get the point at temp or does the point cook at the same rate even though it is thicker?  Should I probe the flat for temp as well as the point?



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The toothpick test toward the end will tell you when you get it done. It might be done anywhere from 190 to 210. Every Brisket is different. I would start poking it at around 190 myself and when it is hot knife through butter tender pull, wrap and rest. Most folks will seperate the point from the flat so if one get's done sooner you can pull it.

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Yes, I understand that.  I was most concerned about the difference from cook times between the flat and the point.

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You can't go by time with Brisket. Point or flat. It's a shooting match as they are all different.You just have to start poking and each piece might be done at different times. I'm sure one of the Texas boys will be around shortly to help you more than I can. Happy smoking. timber

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Just to clarify, after re reading my original question, it may be a little confusing.  I know the flat that I am selling will finish when it finishes.  The question about the flat opposed to the point is referring to the whole brisket only.  

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Right, I got that. My advice still stands. Most seperate the two. Actually most make burnt ends from the point as it never really get's as tender as the flat.

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Thanks Gary

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Gary is right in the heart of Brisket world. You can't go wrong with what he has to say.

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