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Charcuterie board - loaded

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I got here prosciutto (bought a whole leg, my only contribution is slicing), then stuff I made: summer sausage, dried pork cold smoked sausage, smoked duck breast, pork Pastrama (cold smoked pork shoulder), cartaboshi (offal sausage), lamb pastrama , soppressata.

Need to get a bigger board.
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Nice collection of goodness right there!!!
And I agree with the bigger board part.biggrin.gif
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That looks fantastic. I hope to one day take up the art of sausage making. This forum has really gotten under my skin (in a good way)
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Looks fantastic. :drool:

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Yes you for sure need a bigger board. It all looks very tasty!

Happy smoken.


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I don't know, one board per person..... a barrel of common crackers, a 6 pac of longnecks... a good game on TV.


Well the weather outside is frightful

but the board is so delightful

Since there no place to go.........

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........


You'll need more for refills.

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