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Yep, I've seen temp drops many times, especially when wrapping. If you add a cold liquid, the temp will drop, obviously. Also as the meat is sweating (stalling) it is cooling. When you take it off the smoker to wrap it the temp is dropping the whole time.
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Sounds like you don't have a Chimney starter. If not go get one, It is the best way to go when using the setup you and I have. I want one of those big ranch Weber's so bad my heart hurts just thinking about it. Brisket looks great. Keep on keeping on and it will be done when it's done.

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15 hour overnight smoke. Brisket pulled at 200 then placed in a cooler wrapped in towels. I plan on resting for 3 hours. It's the longest I've ever rested a piece of meat but all my obsessive research says I could go up 4 hours.
More Q-View once I unwrap and slice.
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Looking mighty tasty! Keep the pics coming.
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I have a chimney and yes I agree, chimneys are the basic method for anyone lighting charcoal. That being said my neighbor only uses lighter fluid. I would never use lighter fluid but the smell takes me back to my childhood.
I share the desire for a Weber Ranch but the price, wow!
I would love to have a good reverse flow and of course keep my 26.

My process for long smokes;
Based on my past cooks, when using the minion method you need to let the Weber kettle come up to temperature at the beginning. My recommendation is to let the kettle rise to at least 300 degrees before adjusting the vents. I would do this even when using the snake method. When adding coals during extra long smokes, let the coals warm up before closing the kettle otherwise you get that bad thick charcoal smoke. A Smokenator allows you to have all the coals conccentrated in a smaller area on one side of the grill. Ash maintenance is paramount for proper air flow. Adding lit coals from a chimney during the smoke is not any quicker and actually takes an extra step in my opinion. I've done it both ways and they each work fine. I prefer my method but definitely use what's works best for each of you. When you're up at 3-4 in the morning tending a cook simple and quick is best. Again, each person should figure out their own preferred process but this is mine.

I grew up using Weber kettles. My dad actually had 2 because of our family size. I thought about buying 2 kettles but I found an open box 26". This grill made it tons easier to cook for my family and to smoke offset. Check out the smokenator it makes smoking in kettles that much easier plus it extends the available room to add more meat.
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**Change of plans. We're taking the food on the road. I will be pushing a 4 hour rest in the cooler.

Again, thanks everyone for your comments.
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Originally Posted by PapaDon View Post

**Change of plans. We're taking the food on the road. I will be pushing a 4 hour rest in the cooler.

Again, thanks everyone for your comments.

Four hours is no problem if ya foil & a couple towels in the cooler ! icon14.gif
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Well, I don't have the exact same setup as you but it looks like this.


If you do end up getting one more I highly suggest getting a gold or platinum model with the ash cleanout mechanism. It sounds like you may have the old style dampers? I think I have seen where you can add the One Touch feature to your kettle, If you don't have it that is. Your brisket will be even better from the long rest.

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Over four hours in the cooler and it was piping hot. This was a winner!!

Sliced with the wife's homemade Mac and Cheese.
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WOW! It looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Timberjet, thanks for the pics. Check out You Tube under Smokenator. It's the only way you'll see what I'm talking about.
I have the same two coal holders you have but I've never used them. I got the Smokenator before I bought my grill.
Just got me 26 gold last year, it's certainty nice, I agree.
Thanks for your comments and pics,
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Looks like you nailed it. Way to go. I have seen the smokenator before. I do not use liquid so no need for the water pan for me.

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