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Small Brisket

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I have a 3 pound point with no fat cap how should i cook it?
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I'd cook it low and slow at 235.  I'd foil it at 165 and take it to 195-197, pull it and rest it in an empty ice chest for at least an hour.



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Sounds like good advice



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What he said. biggrin.gif Keep a close eye on it. A small brisket will cook quick.. Good luck with it.
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I was going to ask the same question, I have two 4 pounders, I was going to smoke them the same as a full brisket. So I think I'm on the right path but just need to keep a closer eye on the temp?? Since there isn't as much fat on these would you recommend injecting them?

U Smell Smoke?
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I don't inject,   Two will cook just like one will just keep an eye on them



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