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First time brisket

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I have been doing a lot of research on this first time attempt.  I have a 15 pound packer.  I know time is just a rough estimate and you need to go to IT.  I just want to make sure the time frame I have is correct so not to over do the meat.  What I've read is its 1.5 hours per pound so I'm guessing smoke time should be around 22.5 hours.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  Also dies anyone recommend any rubs or injections I should use or try.  Any extra info I can get will be greatly appreciated. 

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From my experience most of my briskets have taken around 12 hours. All full packers. Some were done in as little as 7 hours but I’ve never had one go 22. Rarely over 13. I’m using a reverse flow stick burner running 225-250. I wrap at 170-175 and cook til 190 give or take a little. I inject mine with dales low sodium and coat with Montreal steak seasoning and a ton of restaurant grind black pepper. If you get it done before you’re ready to serve. Double wrap in tin foil and put in a cooler and cover with some towels. It will stay hot for hours. Hope this helps.

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Thank you.  Bamfan do you usually smoke 15 lbs?  Like I said I'll watch my IT.  I was wondering on times so I know when to start my smoke.  22 verses 12 hours is a big time change difference.  That's why I ask.  I also was thinking about the Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Still undecided on injecting.  BTW I'm using a MES 30 with AMPS.  Also ROLL TIDE!

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Also the temps you posted are pretty close to the ones I'll be using

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Mine are usually 12-15 pounds

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Just want to say thanks again.

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I like to season with worchestshire sauce and SPOG(salt,pepper,onion,garlic). Last one I cooked about 13# took about 13-14 hrs iirc. Good luck and don't forget the q-view!!!
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I might try the worchestshire sauce. I'm gonna give Montreal Steak a try. After looking I see I'm going to have to separate the flat from the point. So I'm going to estimate a 11 to 12 hour smoke now. Just have to watch my IT
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Make sure you let us know how it turns out and don't forget the qview!
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I will for sure will.
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First thing to check is will that thing fit in the mes30? It should but may be a tight fit. Remember on brisket you'll be cooking according to widest part of the meat so rarely do you go to an hour and a half / lb at those temps. Also, chances are the point is going to finish before the flat so monitor the IT of the point first (or both flat and point). I like basic kosher salt, butchers grind pepper, granulated or powdered onion and cumin. If you want to inject beef broth is good. I put it in at 250 or better, no wrap until probe goes in nice and easy, usually around 195 to 200 IT. Spritz a few times during the smoke if you like. And don't be afraid to lay on the smoke. Brisket can take it. But it could be a bit higher. The best advice on brisket is BE PATIENT. Don't pull it too early or you may be sorry. Undercooked brisket can be tough as shoe leather. Best of luck.
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So geerock you don't pull at 165 and foil?
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No i don't. Tried it both ways and really don't see much difference. But some folks swear by it so try it both ways and see what you like. For me its just one less step.... and, after 25 years of smoking, I make damn goid brisket. Its my favorite.
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I'm going to try foil this time. Maybe without next time. Going to separate the point from the flat prior to smoking.
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