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Some after Turkey Beef craving

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Finally got my smoker out after finishing the mail box mod.

Sourced some local brisket from a family farm shop close by.

Rubbed my meat.  :)

Fired up the pellets

And got to it.  10 hours or so later......

Very nice bark.  Used a spicy rub: Cayene, chili powder, salt, pepper, garlic and onion.  But made a mop from family made molassses.  The sweet first bite, followed by the spicy undertones inside the bark made me a happy man.   I love the mail box mod on the masterbuilt.

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It looks very tasty! glad the mod is working good.

Happy smoken.


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Very nice Snausage.  I like the molasses / cayenne kick. Bet it turned out great! b

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Nice looking brisket.  Thumbs Up

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Looks good , My next big Smoke , around Christmas.    


Congratulations on the Mod. , and enjoyed the Brisket . Keep doing what you're doing...


Have fun and . . .

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Great looking mod and brisket! Well done!



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Looks great!!
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Thanks all.. I am just beginning to understand this thing called smoking.  But so far so good.

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