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Smoking my First Turkey

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Smoked my first turkey this past week end...smoked one and smoked fried one, actually.  This thread is just about the smoked Turkey.

Smoked it at 350 for almost 6.5 hours.  IT was 165 in the breast.


The brine ingredients.  I brined the turkey for about 24 hours.




The Brine Bucket...with a bag of ice and the turkey!


The supplemental smoke generator...mix of mesquite and pecan wood pellets.


The smoked turkey in progress.


The smoked turkey and the turkey I smoked/fried.


The finished product!  Turned out very moist and tender.  Best I ever tasted!

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Hello.  Looks GREAT!  I am sure the whole family had a very fine meal.  Enjoy your weekend.  Keep Smokin!


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That turkey looks great !

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I just realized last night that Home Depot sells lids with a rubber seal for those buckets!  Stupid me, I have been using foil all these years! I have a lid!

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Nice looking Bird , and a Homer Bucket , nice...


Have a blessed Holiday...and as always . . .

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Tasty looking bird!

Happy smoken.


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