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first time doing a turkey!

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I have a 14bs turkey and using the master built electric smoker. What is the best temp to smoke a 14 lbs turkey and for how long.


Any feed back be helpful



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I put mine in this morning at 10:00am and it's almost to 160*   Five hours.  I also spatchcocked it and looks good.  It's on at 250*.  I am also not caring one way or the other about the crispy skin since I am going to slice it all up and reheat for tomorrow.

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250-300'ish will get decent crisp skin after hours....use a therm in the thigh muscle...I'm a 180 IT liking guy in the thigh near the bone

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Your MES tops out at 275° so use that un till the breast gets to 155° then move it to an oven at 350°-450° till IT of 165° and you will have crispy skin.

Happy smoken.


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