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Hay guys the last 5 weeks have been kind of full of brats.

over 1400 made for friends and such,

man these people just don't get it I don't have the heart to say no either.

free every one wants something for free.

I have given out over 650 free. and today a guy traded me beef for brats, wow that was cool.

 looks like over a 150 lbs of beacons , 20 hams and 10 to 12 turkeys in the next 2 weeks, and of course more brats.

 I'll post pictures.


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That is a good looking BUNCH or brats.

Happy smoken.


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You, Sir, are the brat KING.  Thumbs Up

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Looks like a big job!
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Did someone say brats???  :drool:



2thumbs.gif The Sausage King lives !!!

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sneak peek at my new mixer w/ support stand. ?

How do I keep the photo from flipping sideways

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Nice looking machinery.  Thumbs Up

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Originally Posted by elkmaster101 View Post


How do I keep the photo from flipping sideways


Look at you picture in preview mode by right clicking. then use the turn arrows, then close that picture. Check again and it should still be right side up.

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FOAMHEART I tried to find the flip and rotate arrows --- nothing

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You have to do it where the original picture is stored. Mine are in a folder in "Pictures" on my computer


I right click the picture


I click preview on the pop up


On the tools at the bottom of the screen are a couple of curved arrows, clockwise & Counter clockwise


Adjust your picture


Close the screen

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