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Smoking Salmon Skin Question

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I am smoking salmon tomorrow and doing two recipes. The first is the Smoked Salmon Candy from this site. Have made it before but am doing it again. I am also smoking a two pound piece of salmon filet (Wild King salmon from Seattle) This piece has the skin on it. For smoking the filet per the recipe in Smoking Meats do I leave the skin on? I am thinking so with skin down on the grate. Any thoughts?  Thanks

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Jerry........I usually leave the skin on to hold the meat together while smoking on grates. If the fish is skinless I will put some of Todds  Q-matz down first.



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I've done both, with no problem in the meat staying together on the skinless pieces.   I do feel that the skinless pieces seem drier than those with skin on.  Thus, I doubt if I will do skinless smoking of filets again.  Thus yes skin side down is what I normally do. 

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Thank you both for the great input. Will go with the skin on. Appreciate your help.

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Let's see pics of the finished product

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